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Summer Beach Wedding Dress

Aestival nuptials are charming events that offer delight to the couple and their invitees in an equal measure. Many people admit that they prefer outdoors weddings because they are less stiff and formal. When marrying in summer, you have many outdoors venues to choose from. The palette includes both urban and rural locations. It depends on the type of event you wish to plan. You can wed at the beach or in a botanical garden. Say your vows in your own backyard if you want to reduce the wedding costs and enjoy and intimate, familial ceremony instead!

Adventurous couples may look for something wilder and more eccentric, such as a cliff or desert area. Based on the venue you must pick the right attire for you and your bridal attendants. Guests often encounter difficulties in selecting the best outfit for a summer beach wedding, since these events are less formal than the usual. But nothing is as troubling as it appears to be at a first sight. The Internet is full of concrete ideas to follow in this sense. Brides have to look for a dress that is casual and easy to wear yet also elegant and appropriate for the specific of this event. Weddings held at the beach are exotic or at least more laid-back. This offers more freedom to the bride and her attire plans. There are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting the most adequate beach wedding dress.

Summer Beach Wedding Dresses

Summer Beach Wedding Dresses (Photo by: Tùng Lycan)

Summer brides are normally looking for a lightweight silhouette with a simple cut and clean line. It’s extremely important to decide on the fabric first. Don’t buy something too heavy or embellished because it will make you sweat all day long! Stay cool in a cotton or silk georgette or organza. Cotton is preferred by bohemian brides who want a natural feel and look for their big day. This fabric is ideal for informal ceremonies because it is breathable and timelessly elegant. Silk georgette is more stylish and sleek, yet still sheer and ideal for clean, comfortable silhouettes. For a more tailored and classy look, choose an organza wedding dress.

The perfect bridal dress for a beach wedding must fit the climate and specific of the location. Don’t forget to take into account your personal style. If you have a favorite neckline or skirt design you would like to try for your wedding dress, find a way to adjust it to fit the wedding formality. Strapless and sleeved dresses are recommended for beach ceremonies. As for the color, anything light and pastel can do. Try white, ivory, cream, silver, ecru or gold for a more glamorous look. Powder blue is ideal for a natural non-traditional look.


Wedding Dress Preservation

To some, the wedding dress is one of the most symbolic items of their marriage. It is for certain one of those things that you wish to have and hold for a lifetime. Brides complain that they will wear their beautiful wedding dress only a day and night! Preserving the dress after the big day is extremely important to those who are emotionally linked to their wedding attire. There are many techniques that allow you to store your dress and keep it immaculate for many decades.

Proper preservation can be done at home or at a specialist. The bride may wish to wear the dress again, like on one of her anniversary days! Another reason to keep the dress in perfect condition after the wedding is for passing it for the next generations of brides in your family. This piece of clothing is significant to the bride. It is her favorite and precious wedding souvenir that reminds her of her magical wedding day. Saving your wedding dress means saving many sweet memories of your wedding. There are a few tips you can take into consideration when planning on preserving a wedding dress. The first and most important thing is to clean the dress.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation (Photo by: Wissape)

Although it may seem clean when you take it off, know that there are small stains that may not be very visible with the naked eye. These stains can become permanent if not cleaned right away. Choose a professional cleaning to make sure that the fabric won’t be damaged. Warp the dress in acid-free tissue paper before you place it in a bag or box. This will provide it with even more protection. Do no use colored paper, for any reason! The place of storage must be cool and dry. The best place to do this is your own wardrobe or another closet.

Wire hanger will make your dress rust or cause damage to the fabric. Hang the gown by the loops for a safer storage. But this option is not the best, giving the fact that the weight of the dress can cause fabric ruptures in time. You can use a wooden box made of cedar for instance. But you need to place acid-free tissue paper between the dress and the wood. This material can stain the dress after a few years. It’s also essential to remember that the wedding dress must be removed from storage and kept out in fresh air. This will prevent your dress from mildewing and other unpleasant effects. Take out the dress to examine it and see if it resists well in the conditions you’ve created. Let the fabric breathe for a while to make sure the dress is ready for another round of preservation.


Outdoors Wedding Dress

Summer is the perfect season to plan an outdoors wedding and enjoy the beauty of the nature and the fresh air. The bride has the opportunity of wearing something lightweight and soft, according to the specific of the season and venue. The majority of modern brides dream of spending their big day outside the doors, in the middle of the nature. The truth is that nothing compares to the benefits offered by a warm season alfresco wedding.

The sunshine, the breeze, the clear skies, the vibrant flowers and the green grass are only a few of the elements that can add more beauty and joy to your big day. Besides this, you can enjoy total freedom of traveling and celebrating your wedding anywhere in the world, like on a beach or mountain cliff. Summer nuptials are unforgettable events, no matter their formality or venue. The bride can select from a wide range of dress styles for the ceremony. It depends on the climate and location of the wedding. Gowns that come in heavy fabrics and elaborated skirts may not make the perfect choice for your big day.

Outdoor Wedding Dress

Outdoor Wedding Dress (Photo by: love_K_photo)

Consider something softer instead, based on a light, airy silhouette. Your dress should reflect your personality, but also fit the specific and vibrancy of the season. Summer weddings are carefree and commodious. They invite the bride to wear something flowy or fluid with a feminine simple cut and line. If your wedding ceremony occurs on the beach, you can consider a shorter dress. Opt for a high-low gown if you want to enjoy the sand and the water. Why spend money on a long gown and hold its lap up all day long when you can choose something shorter from the first! Summer is the best season to get married at the seaside or in a garden. You can arrange your own backyard for a romantic, intimate ceremony for close friends and relatives.

Outdoors weddings are usually more private and less formal. Selecting the appropriate attire for the bride and groom may seem a little bit more challenging than the usual, giving the fact that there is more freedom of choice. You’ll have to dress less formally, yet not too casually. You need to find the right balance between elegance and comfort in the dress you’re buying. Outdoors wedding dresses are designed to provide with movement and practicality. The strapless style is the most adequate because it can help the bride stay fresh during the day. Stay cool in a dress without sleeves or straps. Don’t choose a high neck either. Spaghetti strap may fit those who want more support. For the beach, consider halter top wedding gowns. They look elegant and fun enough to fit an outdoors ceremony.


Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a matter of taste and preference for each bride in part. There are no strict rules to follow in this sense giving the fact that this is a personal decision. But there are etiquette guidelines regarding the formality of the wedding and the appropriate dress style. Few items are of such great importance to a bride than the dress she will wear on her D-day. The first image of you as a bride is related to your wedding gown, no doubt about it. So, it seems like you are ready to make this step. But are you ready to choose the ideal dress for the ceremony?

This is even more overwhelming and difficult than choosing a life partner or answering to a marriage proposal. The range of dress styles available on the market is extremely wide and rich, so it won’t be very easy to make the final selection. Take into consideration the type of event you’re planning and simplify your choice. You can narrow down your options by considering the season, location and theme of the wedding. Don’t forget to keep in mind your size, body shape and personality. You may already know what to look for. This post is for those who have decided to wear a dress with long sleeves at their wedding.

Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

Long Sleeved Wedding Dress (Photo by: Tony Nungaray)

This style is back in trend and we are happy to see that more and more women are reconsidering it for their nuptials. The strapless dress is overdone already and no one really finds it a unique modern choice, but a popular style that can provide one with a classic look. The sleeveless style gained in popularity during the last century. But now we’re facing a new orientation to the bygone eras and the dress styles that were in vogue during that time. This is how we’ve got to the part of calling the old the new style. Long sleeves are officially back in fashion after Kate Middleton wore a beautiful dress based on this neckline at her royal wedding. Many designers of today have tried to reproduce her amazing dress with success.

We are excited to see that the number of those who wish to wear a classy dress at their wedding is constantly increasing. Long sleeves are part of the old-fashion trend installed today. There are factors of influence that can determine a bride to choose a long sleeved dress for her ceremonies. One of them is the season. Fall, winter and even spring seasons require more coverage for the bride’s skin. The weather is cold and not so very appropriate for a strapless design. The religion, wedding venue and family traditions or obligations are other influences in this sense.


Beach Wedding Bridesmaids’ Dresses

The best way to show your love and appreciation to your friends and family is to ask them to play a special part in your wedding. As a bride, you can ask your sisters, cousins or best friends to play the role of the bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and flowers girls. The mother of the bride has her own special role in the party. You can buy special gifts to your bridal attendants and express your gratitude for being there for you on this special day. One way to say thank you is to choose pretty dresses for your girls. If you can’t think of something else, you can buy their dresses yourself and inform your girls that they can keep the dresses after the wedding. This will surely make your girls happy.

Don’t assume this purchase if you can’t afford it. Unless you buy simple and cheap dresses, you won’t be able to honor these expenses. This post is for brides who are having a beach wedding and are looking for the best outfits for their girls. Planning a seaside nuptial actually means considering the specific and requirements of the venue. You need to keep in mind the formality and style of your event and also your bridesmaids’ needs. You must try to fulfill their wishes and please them all.

Beach Wedding Bridemaids Dresses

Beach Wedding Bridesmaids' Dresses (Photo by: chauromano)

When you have two or three bridesmaids in your party things seem easier to solve. But you should not feel discouraged if you have a bigger bridal party. Beach wedding ceremonies are in general more relaxed and laid-back. This means that you can look for casual outfits for your girls. The atmosphere on a beach is tranquil yet breezy and fun. Look for chic and comfortable bridesmaids’ dresses that your girls can wear again with another occasion. Experts in field suggest you consider the practicality of the dresses first. The colors are also extremely important. Consider the season and venue. If it’s a church wedding, dress your attendants in more decent cloths. If it’s an outdoors setting, you can enjoy more freedom with necklines and skirt lengths.

The dresses should be both wearable and wedding-appropriate. Another important aspect to consider is your own look. They say that the bridesmaids should look good with you’re the bride’s dress. This means trying to assort the colors and designs with your own attire. If you’re opting for a casual look, have your girls wear something more simplistic and plain. Large tiers and ruffles, long sleeves and high necks, rich embroideries and extravagant jewelry may not work for this type of event. Choose high-low hem dresses so that your girls can walk freely through sand without ruining the fabric or the design. Short dresses with one shoulder or low backs are ideal!


Bohemian Beach Wedding Dresses

This post is for those of you who love the bohemian style and wish to adopt it for your wedding. We recommend this flirty style to brides who are not quite into the glitz and glamour thing. The bohemian style is very natural and artistic. We can see it worn by many celebrities in Hollywood today. It managed to make a big comeback, especially in weddings. More and more brides of today are interested in embracing the boho-chic look for their big day.

This style is really down-to-earth yet very aesthetical and elegant. Nevertheless, we can interpret the bohemian trend in many ways. The most popular current is the hippie current of the ‘60s. But the French vintage look is also appreciated by our fashion designers and brides. This style is adored by modern commodious brides who want to wear something lightweight and casual at their wedding. Relaxed and cozy, this carefree style is great for young brides and for those who want to look and feel younger in their wedding dress. In terms of bridal attire, the boho style can be classified as an informal style. We can also refer to natural inspirational patterns and prints.

Bohemian Beach Wedding Dresses

Bohemian Beach Wedding Dresses (Photo by: Fabio Sola Penna)

“Bohemian chic” may also refer to home décor and accessories. It can help the bride express her own self and careless attitude towards strict rules and standard traditions. By wearing a bohemian dress you get the chance to showcase your natural free side. The bohemian style was very popular during the 19th century. There were cultural groups interested in poetry, art and all things romance. This was the main attitude towards duty and career. We can also mention here a few names of poets who have supported this trend: Edgar Allen Poe, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and Charles Baudelaire. The modern bride has many options when it comes to bohemian inspired wedding dress. Many designers of today like to create for this niche.

You should feel free to design your own gown and find a talented designer or seamstress to make it for you. Dressing in airy fabrics is the key to obtaining a specific look. The bohemian style is based on wispy materials, loose fluid lines and tired skirts. We can also refer at lace silhouettes and ruffles. The bohemian bride prefers a lace headband or a flower wreath instead of the traditional long veil. The gipsy look is a special approach to this style and it can provide the bride with a more eccentric and colorful appeal. You can look into Claire Pettibone, Temperley London and Nicole Miller’s collections for more inspiration. Nicole Richie and Kate Moss are famous promoters of the aesthetical hippie style. Grace Loves Lace is a fresh bridal collection you can browse as well.


Renaissance Style Wedding Dresses

Selecting the perfect dress for a wedding depends entirely on the bride’s personal taste in fashion. It can be a traditional or modern gown. But it’s common for the contemporary bride to make her selection among different dress styles of the past. We know many brides of today who have chosen a vintage gown for their wedding. The effect is always impressive. If you find more originality in a wedding dress of the past, go for this style! Anything that brings you satisfaction and more confidence in your personal beauty and charm is indicated.

Let’s stop for a few words at the Renaissance style. This was one of the most flourishing eras that brought many changes in art, literature and many other cultural and social fields. The Renaissance style is all about royalty and elegance. In terms of wedding dresses, anything made of lush velvet and brocade can fit. The romance of this style can be found in the Shakespearian style from the Romeo and Juliet story. This theme is ideal for the bride who wants to wear a royal dress and a rose bouquet. If you prefer the old-Italian flair, consider marrying in a Tuscan style. Tuscan is a great location for a Renaissance wedding ceremony.

Renaissance Style Wedding Dress

Renaissance Style Wedding Dress (Photo by: jepoycamboy)

Choose this theme and decorate the place in warm shades of gold, yellow and red.  You can dress in a peasant style wedding dress to feel the atmosphere and bring more relaxation to the party. This style is a bit more casual than the dresses with big layers. It can be made of a modest-looking material, such as linen or cotton. The peasant Renaissance style can refer to those one-piece dresses based on a dropt waist, a waist belt or sash and long bell sleeves. It would be fun to adopt this style for a countryside wedding ceremony. Wed in Nottingham or choose a Robin Hood and Maid Marion theme for your nuptials. This story can fit perfectly well a Renaissance theme. Adopt the same simple peasant dress style and look for this theme.

The Elizabethan style is the most formal of this era. We can talk here about richly embroidered dresses, full skirts, front slits, underskirts and heavy fabrics. The embellished jacquard is one of the most common choices for dresses during this period. If you like the elaborated look, consider wearing a layered wedding dress. There is the dress with a full long skirt with hoops and a gathered chemise shirt accompanied by a form-fitted bodice. The second layered dress style of choice is the open-sided dress that comes with a tunic over the top. It also features a specific lace up on the sides and no sleeves. The chemise covers the arm in a more elegant way.


Oriental Wedding Dresses

Many couples from United States are choosing the oriental style for their wedding. Although many Asian nuptials have been westernized during the last few years, there are many elements of this style that are still present today. The truth is that the oriental flair is extremely charming and it can convince many brides and grooms from different corners of the world to adopt it for their own big day. It’s not difficult to recreate the amazing oriental ambiance for your wedding ceremony and reception.

You just need to use a few specific elements of this culture and learn more about this style first. Pink peonies and orchid floral centerpieces, oriental music and bright colors, fans and dragon motifs – these are just a few inspirational items you can use to create an oriental setting for your wedding. The Asian weddings are highly traditional. They feature many symbols associated with old wedding customs. If we are to discuss about the oriental style wedding dress we would mention a few things about the fresh trends. Many bridal fashion designers of this culture are happy to get inspired from the Western and American styles for their collections. They love to combine the old and new and create versatile wedding dresses that keep the balance between classic and modern.

Oriental Wedding Dress

Oriental Wedding Dress (Photo by: La Flaf)

Many brides of oriental cultures prefer to stick to traditional designs, however. They are timelessly beautiful and more meaningful. Red is the popular color of wedding dresses in most Asian countries. This nuance is thought to bring good luck in marriage and also provide the couple with wealth, prosperity and power. The entire dress can be dyed in red or it can only feature a few red embellishments and symbols. Chinese wedding dresses are typically made of red silk.  They often feature gold beadwork and embroidery. You can also find similar models with silver accents. The dragon and Phoenix are important symbols in Chinese weddings because they signify harmony between the husband and wife. This is the traditional style.

Those of you who want to get married in an Indian way can choose from different vibrant colors and dress designs. The most popular bridal wear here is the Lehenga – a separate short top and a skirt. Red is also the most common color for Indian bridal dresses, but gold and pink are also popular. Hidu brides are often seen wearing a traditional saree and a long veil. Japanese brides wear white kimonos at their wedding. In this culture, white reflects purity and joy. Many Chinese brides of today prefer to wear a white traditional kimono at the ceremony and then change into a western style dress for the reception party. Your bridesmaids can wear Mandarin gown or colored kimonos. Look for thematic outfits in Chinatown.


Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses

The royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William cause a lot of frenzy among us all. Everybody was eager to see what the Duchess will wear on her big day. Her fashionable style left no clues about the type of gown she will choose for her ceremony. But no one really expected her to dress up so classy and elegant. Many people speculated the designer of her dress, but no one guessed that it will be Sarah Burton. Her dress was simply fabulous. It wasn’t a puffy gown, but a delicate silhouette with sweeping train and soft veil.

The lace sleeves and top she picked were the elements that inspired us all. Her walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey remains in our memory as one of the most gracious and elegant of all times. The structured lace bodice and sheer sleeves were extremely exquisite and gallant. Many thought that her gown resembled the gorgeous dress worn by Grace Kelly at her wedding. Nowadays, Catherine Middleton is famous for her trendy outfits. She has become a fashion icon for many fashion designers and women of all corners of the world.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses

Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses (Photo by: Jens Rost)

She has developed her own sense of style that fits perfectly her status and age. Although her style is pretty expensive, anyone can obtain a Princess Kate look for her wedding. Don’t mind your budget. She may wear designer outfits, but the style she promotes is not difficult to access or reach by both wealthy and economical brides. Many brands have already released their own “Kate Middleton” inspired silhouettes. You should be able to find many remakes sold at lower prices out there. Or, you can opt for a custom made gown based on the same design and fabric, without the long train and cathedral length veil. Her style was royal and classy. But it’s not mandatory to plan a big pompous wedding to adopt her look.

Kate is known for her rich royal cloths and colors. But overall, her style is pretty modest and simple. Her whimsical hats and headpieces are the elements that add more spice to her demure outfits. She also likes to wear vintage jewelries and accessories that provide her with a timeless look. If you aspire to Kate’s royal style, follow her apparitions. She has been spotted wearing softer shades lately, such as nude, soft pink, cream and baby blue. She adores lace its rich texture. Check our her lace nude dress and matching hair fascinator she wore during her last apparitions and get inspired for your own look. The red ensemble she wore at the Golden Jubilee, the midnight glamour and Grecian goddess silhouettes she wore this year are highly inspiring outfits for any woman.


Ruffled Wedding Dress

What could be more fun for a modern-day bride than a ruffled wedding dress? This style is trendy, chic and flirty. It can suit perfectly well young brides and those who want to look and feel younger on their wedding day. Ruffles can be interpreted in many other ways. We can talk about sweetness and drama in the same measure, depending on your own definition. Not all brides have the same way of describing a beautiful wedding dress. Besides this, what may seem elegant to a bride it can be totally inappropriate for another.

This is why we can’t give a precise definition of ruffled wedding dresses. We only know that they are preferred by many brides of today. They are the trend of the moment and the most exciting alternative to traditional layered gowns. Ruffles add flirt and originality to a bridal dress. We know that many of our readers are into this style, and so we’ve decided to make an article on this subject. You should be able to find many pictures of wedding dresses with ruffles, frills and multiple flounces on the Internet.

Ruffled Wedding Dress

Ruffled Wedding Dress (Photo by: Eugenio ‘The Wedding Traveler’ WILMAN)

Get inspired from the models you like and customize your own dress to fit your style and figure. You can shop for a designer wedding dress with ruffles from a famous brand, or look for a cute model off the rack in a local bridal saloon. Or, if you have your own vision of how ruffles should be used in your dress, opt for a custom made silhouette. You can mix different styles and create yourself a totally inedited model to suit your personality. Ruffle wedding dresses are already very unique and outstanding. It just depends on the types of ruffles you choose. Either way, they have a bold effect. Some people say that ruffles may be too girlish for a mature bride. But it’s not totally correct. Ruffles are feminine and soft, refined and comfy and this is why they can suit different types of creative brides.

After all, these elements of fashion are ultra-romantic and dainty. They are fun and joyful, indeed, but not in an inappropriate way. On the other hand, there are those brides who are big fans of ruffles and wish to build the entire wedding around ruffles. These pretty details can fit perfectly well an outdoors wedding booked for a spring or summer day. There are horizontal, vertical and circular ruffles. You can choose from small or large flounces, according to the formality and amplitude of the bride’s design. Fan-shaped ruffles are trendy selections. You can look for a dress with a frilly neckline for a more opulent effect. Ruffles look beautiful when paired with rhinestones and other dress jewelry accents.